Super negotiator, super outcome. I have used Mr. O’Hara on two separate cases … one very unlike the other. One case was very involved in contractual detail, requiring astute negotiation skills as the situation was grave and complex. Mr. O’Hara is amazing. His availability and communication was open, very clear, and precise, which allowed me to not only understand the workings of my case, but also allowed me to interact with confidence in making the right choices afforded me. The outcome was more than I ever imagined. … He not only took care of problems of acute concern, but he also protected me in all future liabilities. On a personal note, I feel Mr. O’Hara does not fit the 'average attorney' mold. He is really a good guy, very caring, with a strong sense of ethics.


Restoring humanity through the practice of law. I hired Patrick to handle a pressing legal case. I’ve worked with a number of attorneys in the past, but few have made the commitment to providing guidance through a case. Most lawyers want to limit their contacts with clients to just the bare minimum while maximizing their billable hours.

Patrick takes the exact opposite approach. He gave me a crash course in legal proceedings: depositions, pleadings, discovery, etc. His staff kept me up to date on every development in the case. He collaborated with one of the top expert witnesses in the area of my case and negotiated a rate that was unheard of in the industry. He made me feel as if I was a member of the legal team and we were in this together. Most lawyers run a risk calculation around the likelihood of high financial returns and the probability of winning. Patrick approaches things from a pragmatic approach, but he never forgets the human element associated with a case. He clearly explained all the viable options to me and helped me to come to a conclusion that allowed for both a sense of restored justice and financial restitution. 

Most lawyers would have passed on my case because of the effort needed to force the opponent’s hand. Patrick, from a sense of right over wrong, did not abandon my case and encouraged me not to settle for less than what the law and our conscious knew was right based upon the evidence presented. He cares deeply about his clients for the humanity they bring to the practice of law. I’m proud to refer to him as my attorney, but I’m most thankful for the friendship that I’ve gained from our professional and personal time together.

If you want a dedicated, moral, and ethical lawyer, then Patrick is your guy. If you want another run of the mill lawyer that runs up the clock, then pass him over because he doesn’t do average well.


Patrick went above and beyond expectations while handling an extremely fragile case for myself and my family.  I will never regret my decision in hiring this fine individual that stayed on top of all aspects of the case from beginning to finish.


This year I found myself in a position that needed the help of a lawyer. Being new to the legal process, I did not know what needed to be done or what could be done. A friend recommended that we contact Patrick. We explained to him what had happened and he agreed to take our case. He guided my husband and me through the whole process, explaining everything in a manner that we could understand. He was always available to help answer any questions we had and to set our minds at ease. He made looking out for our best interest his top priority.


I am grateful to have had Attorney Patrick O'Hara for support and advice throughout my case. Out of so many attorneys in the Houston area to choose from, I am happy to have chosen him to represent me. I am more fortunate than many others who have gone through the experience of a dog bite to the face, but it was traumatic nonetheless and Mr. O'Hara's kindness, honesty, and professionalism are so appreciated by my husband and I.




I was bit by a dog about a year ago, and I did not know what to do. I went to attorneys that wouldn't take my case. But O’Hara Law Firm helped me every step of the way and was very courteous and professional from beginning to end. I am happy to recommend his services to all of my friends and family.

-S Harrell