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We have litigated a wide variety of commercial cases, ranging from simple contractual disputes to complex international business disputes. We have also represented clients in commercial litigation lawsuits in Texas, across the United States, and even internationally in London.

We help businesses and consumers in legal actions against larger companies who use unfair, illegal or deceptive practices to gain an unfair advantage. If your business has been targeted with a suit or is need of legal advice in filing a claim, contact us today.

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How a Texas commercial litigation firm helps you

There are so many moving parts that must be balanced to create a successful business. Business owners experience drawbacks within the nature of their businesses such as supply acquisition, managing personnel and reaching consumers. Apart from the seemingly overwhelming day-to-day management of a business, legal issues can soak up those precious hours better applied to keeping your doors open.

Our attorneys understand your attention must be focused on your business. We are dedicated to understanding how your business works and providing the best legal options available. The legal system can lumber along without an experienced representative driving your case toward the desired outcome. Through a seasoned approach and anticipation of pratfalls along the way, we develop strategies and options beneficial to more than a courtroom victory, but to that of your bottom line. 

Through this law practice, you and your business gain the advantage of an attorney who will aggressively deal with larger company's and their bloated staff of lawyers. We know their tactics and will use our resources to defuse them.

If you're facing a commercial legal matter, see what the Houston firm of O'Hara Law Firm can do for you. Contact our office today to start building your case and protecting your business.