What if a Dog Bites You?

If a dog bites you, you should always report the dog bite to the government authorities.  You may report the dog bite by calling 311.  When giving the report make sure to mention the following: (1) name of person attacked; (2) contact information for the person attacked; (3) contact information for the dog owner; (4) date, time and location of attack; (5) and description of the dog.  Seek medical treatment immediately for the bite and document the injury with pictures before having the wound treated.

Texas Law 

Texas, like many states follows the “one bite rule.”  The principle behind the rule is that the owner cannot be held responsible if he or she had no way of knowing the dog would bite.  Thus, the case is more difficult when it is the first time a dog has attacked. This is one reason why it is important to report dog attacks, so there is a record if the dog attacks again.  It is still possible to prove the owner was negligent and responsible for the first dog bite, but it is more difficult. 

We have experience pursuing compensation for clients who have been seriously and permanently injured by dog attacks.  In some instances, the property owner, HOA, landlord and others may be partly responsible for the attack if they were negligent or knew of the dog’s dangerous propensities.  Call O'Hara LAw Firm after receiving initial medical treatment. 

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