USPS Suspends Mail Delivery After Dog Attack

The United States Post Office suspended the delivery of mail to four homes in Rochelle Park, New Jersey after a mail carrier was attacked by a resident’s dog.  The mailman was bit six times in the arm and required hospitalization.  The dog had attacked postal carriers twice before in 2017.  As a result of the dog’s behavior, innocent neighbors are not receiving their mail.  The post office is considering moving mailboxes to the curve, so the mail carriers do not need to leave their vehicles to deliver mail.  Despite three attacks on mailmen in one year, the owner of the vicious dog is keeping the dog and not destroying it. 


This type of scenario is unlikely in Texas if the dog attacks are reported to state authorities.  Health and Safety Code Chapter 822 allows the court to declare a dog that causes serious bodily injury to another person a “dangerous dog.”  The owner of a dangerous dog must comply with a list of obligations or put the dog to sleep.  The list of obligations include carrying a $100,000 liability policy on the dog, keeping the dog in a secure enclosure and registering the dog with the local animal control authority.  Most people cannot afford the liability insurance, so “dangerous dogs” are often destroyed. 


If the dog owner in New Jersey lived in Texas, she would not be able to keep the dog without restrictions.  Chapter 822 is a good law because it helps prevent vicious dogs from injuring multiple victims.  If a person wants to keep a dangerous dog, he or she has the legal right to own it.  However, Texas requires these dog owners to comply with specific obligations to prevent repeated dog attacks like the one in Rochelle Park.   

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