The Difference Between 18 Wheeler Accident Cases and Automobile Accident Cases

More than 500,000 accidents involving trucks occur each year in the United States.  Roughly one in eight traffic deaths involve a tractor-trailer, 18 wheeler or semi-truck.  Cases involving large commercial motor vehicles are different from the average car crash that involves minor injuries for several reasons.  The most obvious difference is the large size of a commercial truck in comparison to a car.  There are other differences that the average driver may not be aware.

Federal Rules

There are federal regulations that apply to interstate trucking companies.  These regulations dictate how long a driver may drive before taking a break; what drivers may consume; what drivers are allowed to haul; what documents must be maintained with regard to the trucks; how often trucks must be inspected; and how long documents must be retained with regard to inspections and maintenance of the trucks.  The attorney representing the injured party can force the commercial truck company to produce documents revealing whether the federal regulations were followed.  

Black Box

Commercial trucks contain a “black box” that is triggered to start recording when certain events occur like slamming on the brakes.   Truck accident attorneys can use the data from the black box to reproduce the accident and prove the truck driver was at fault. 

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