Five Students Bitten by Stray Dog

This week five students were bitten by a stray dog at YES Prep.  The students were bitten during recess around noon.  The stray dog approached the children, and then several students began petting and playing with the dog.  The dog began biting shoes and then injured the children.  A teacher intervened and placed the dog in her car until animal control officers arrived. 

The dog will be quarantined for ten days pursuant to local ordinances.  Loose dogs have been a problem in the community for several years.  According to one person in the neighborhood, the problem has gotten worse over the last five years.  This person has called 311 in the past requesting police officers to catch the loose dogs.

If you have been injured by a dog, contact me to learn about your right to compensation. Patrick O'Hara has extensive experience handling claims for people attacked by dogs. 

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