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Fall Hazards in Parking Lots

O'Hara Law Firm April 29, 2017

Slips, trips and falls cause 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicle as the cause of fatalities. Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury. Over one million Americans trip, slip or fall each year. Parking lots are a common location for falls.

Parking lots should be inspected regularly and repaired when defects are discovered. There may be several tripping hazards in a parking lot:

Uneven Surfaces

Guidelines require that parking lots be level and even with cracks and bumps not exceeding one centimeter. If a crack or pothole develops, it should be filled with gravel as a temporary measure and then repaired.

Speed Bumps

A well-designed parking lot typically does not need a speed bump. If speed bumps are necessary, they should not be located near entrance and exit areas where there is heavy pedestrian traffic. In addition, a sign should be posted highlighting the presence of the speed bump and recommended speed.

Tire Stops

Tire stops are easy to trip over. In order to reduce the risk of causing a fall, the stops should be (1) no wider than an average car and (2) marked with a bright color to contrast from the ground.

Slippery Surfaces

Oil, grease, ice and other slippery substances in parking lots are slipping hazards. Slippery surfaces should be marked and cleaned as soon as possible. Debris should be cleaned from the parking lot as well.

If you have been injured in a parking lot or store, contact me to determine if you have a premise liability claim. Patrick O'Hara extensive experience obtaining compensation for victims of trips, slips and falls.