Drowning person

Children Drown in Pool

O'Hara Law Firm Sept. 13, 2016

This summer there have been numerous reports of young children drowning in pools in the Houston area. Tragically, a child died last month in a pool after surviving a near drowning in the same pool three months earlier. These are tragic events that usually involve children only two or three years old. In some instances, one of the parents failed to monitor the child for a short period of time only to find the child moments later in the bottom of the pool. These situations are any parent’s nightmare.

In other instances, the child was trusted with a babysitter or other adult while at someone else’s pool. In these situations, the parents often have a wrongful death claim against the pool owner and/or caretaker who failed to properly monitor the child. Pool owners typically pay a higher premium for homeowner’s insurance because of the increased risk of a guest injuring himself or herself in the pool.

Parents and/or loved ones may also have claims against the owner of a public pool or HOA pool if the pool did not have life guards on duty or if the life guards were not properly monitoring the pool. Two weeks ago, I observed two lifeguards viewing their cell phones and talking to each other instead of monitoring the young children in the pool. They failed to monitor the pool adequately for a period of at least five to ten minutes before one of the lifeguards decided to again monitor the swimmers.

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