$191,000 Verdict Against State Farm

The O’Hara Law Firm is proud to announce that Patrick O'Hara and Matthew Worrall obtained a verdict on behalf their client, Sherica Redrick for $191,000 against State Farm for breach of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.  State Farm refused to replace Ms. Redrick’s roof after it was damaged by hail and wind, and instead, estimated that the roof could be repaired for less than her deductible.  Plaintiff claimed that the roof was too old to be repaired and had to be replaced.  On the three-year anniversary of the storm that damaged Plaintiff’s roof, the jury found that State Farm engaged in an unfair and deceptive act that caused damages to Ms. Redrick.


The jury awarded $10,000 in actual damages, $11,000 in punitive damages and $170,000 in attorneys’ fees.  The case was litigated for over two years before it proceeded to trial.  State Farm claimed during the trial that the roof could be repaired for less than $400 and had additional damage from installation error and manufacturing defects.  State Farm also claimed that the roof could have been replaced for only $6,000.  Plaintiff claimed that there was additional damage to the roof that was not noted by the State Farm adjustor and that it could cost as much as $21,000 to make all necessary repairs to the roof.  


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