Secondhand Exposure to Asbestos

$3.7 Millon Dollar Settlement

A 64-year-old woman developed terminal cancer from exposure to asbestos (attorneys' fees and expenses total $1,565,701).

Employer's Negligence Causes Death of Elderly Man

$2.44 Million Dollar Settlement

An elderly man was killed as the result of his employer failing to warn and protect him from a dangerous product sold by the employer (attorneys' fees and case expenses total $1,035,017.37).

Nearly Killed By Two Dogs

$1 Million Settlement

A man spent several weeks in ICU after being attacked by two dogs (attorneys' fees $333,333, case expenses $381).

Permanent Impairment From Dog Bite

Confidential Settlement

Woman bit by dog and developed permanent nerve damage in her arm. Past and future medical bills were over $1 million.

Automobile Accident Fatality

$1 million settlement.

A driver ran a red light and broadsided the victim’s vehicle.  Victim died as a result of her injuries in the collision. (attorneys' fees and case expenses total $333,883.33).

Permanent Spinal Cord Damage From Fall

Confidential Settlement

Woman fell of bridge built without guard rails and suffered permanent spinal cord injuries. Past and future medical bills were over $6 million.



Woman was rear ended by a commercial pickup truck and suffered injuries to her neck and back.  (attorneys’ fees and case expenses total $95,550.48).