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The Boxer is a popular dog in the United States. Their broad, short skull, square muzzle and underbite make them easily recognizable. Many organizations and websites list the Boxer as one of the ten most dangerous dog breeds in the United States. Whether or not the Boxer deserves to be on that list, it is a powerful dog that can ...

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Man in suit holding almost empty hourglass

While some states have specific laws regarding injuries caused by dog bites, most states also permit an injured person to recover compensation for injuries caused by a dog bite through the theory of negligence. Common fact scenarios where dog owners are found liable for a bite include: dog escapes from yard, dog on walk without a leash, dog escapes through ...

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Rottweiler on leash

Rottweilers, over the last fifteen years, are responsible for the second highest number of serious dog attacks in the country. The number of serious injuries caused by this breed is highly disproportionate to the number of Rottweilers in the United States. Over a twelve-year period, Rottweilers were responsible for over 10% of fatal dog attacks even though they are less ...

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