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Off-leash dogs can be a major source of dog bite injuries in the United States. Even well-trained or friendly dogs can cause a number of issues if they aren't leashed. The real problems often arise as a result of the environment, not your dog; as such, it's important you take the correct precautions when you bring your dog outside, namely, ...

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Harris County has passed regulations regarding the ownership and treatment of animals. These regulations address topics such as the sale of animals, vaccinations, restraint, licenses and dangerous dogs. Several of the regulations specifically address dog owner responsibilities...

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This week in Spring, Texas, two children were bit by an animal that appears to be a wolf or wolf hybrid. The animal escaped from the owners’ backyard and attacked two boys aged 8 and 11 that lived nearby. Investigators with animal control stated that this is the fourth reported attack by the animal since December 2017. If the victims ...

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