Dog Bite Settlement Calculator

Dog Bite Settlement Calculator

A common question asked by dog bite victims is, “How much is my dog bite claim worth?” Some dog bite victims search the internet to determine the value of their case. If you are reading this article, you are probably one of those people.

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Grocery Aisle

Tripping and Slipping Hazards at Grocery Stores

Tripping and slipping hazards are too common in grocery stores.  Sprouts Farmers Market, ALDI, Food Town and other major grocery chains all contain products that easily turn into slipping hazards if not handled properly.  Dish detergent, cooking oil, olive bars, milk and many other liquids all become slipping hazards if they are spilled on the floor.  Grocery store employees need to monitor the aisles on a regular basis to check for safety hazards.

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Slip and Fall

Client Sues HEB for Injuries from Slipping on Oil

The O’Hara Law Firm represents a woman who slipped on olive oil left on the floor by a HEB employee. The woman visited the store in Houston, Texas near closing time. When the woman walked next to an empty olive bar, she slipped on oil and injured her knee. The customer underwent surgery to repair her torn meniscus. The woman hired a slip and fall attorney and sued HEB after she was unable to resolve her claim with the store.

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Dog Bite Victim

O’Hara Law Firm Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Family for Woman Killed by Pack of Dogs

The family of a woman killed by dogs hired dog bite attorney, Patrick O’Hara, to represent them. Deann Stephenson was walking to the local convenience store on February 15, 2021 when she was brutally attacked and killed by a pack of dogs. The dogs were kept on property owned and operated by a lawncare company. The dogs had terrorized the neighborhood for years before killing Deann. Neighbors report that the dogs routinely escaped from the owner’s premise in Porter, Texas and chased children riding by on bicycles. One member of the neighborhood reported that one of the dogs attacked his grandchild several years ago.

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Dog Bites Dog

My Pet was Bit by a Dog, What Do I Do?

The O’Hara Law Firm routinely receives inquiries from people with dogs that were injured by other dogs. The O’Hara Law Firm does not accept these types of cases. We only represent clients who are physically injured themselves from a dog attack. We do not represent people whose only damage is property damage or injury to a pet. However, this article was written to provide some information for people who want to know their options when a pet is injured by another person’s dog.

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Houston Leads in Dog Bite Claims

Houston Leads the Country with Most Postal Workers Bit by Dogs

For several years, Houston has maintained the record for most postal workers bit by a dog. In 2019, eighty-five postal workers were attacked in Houston, Texas. The next highest number of attacks with seventy-four is Los Angeles. Five of the top twenty cities with the most dog attacks of postal workers are in Texas. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and El Paso all made the top twenty list nationwide. Texas has a dog attack problem.

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Truck Accident Attorney

O’Hara Law Firm Brings Wrongful Death Claim Against 18-Wheeler Driver and His Employer

The O’Hara Law Firm represents a family in their wrongful death claims against the driver of an 18-wheeler and his employer. A young man was driving on a highway in Eastern Texas to visit his fiancé and their young daughter when he died in a head on collision with semi-truck. The truck was speeding down the highway moments before the collision occurred. The daughter and parents of the deceased have wrongful death claims under Texas law.

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Broken Arm

Loose Dog Causes Elderly Woman to Fall and Fracture Bones

The O’Hara Law Firm settled a lawsuit on behalf of an elderly woman who fell and fractured several bones as a result of a loose dog in an assisted living complex. A small dog escaped from an apartment and approached the elderly woman and her dog. The elderly woman had her dog on a leash as required by a local ordinance in Montgomery County, Texas. As the dogs interacted, the leash wrapped around the elderly woman’s legs and caused her to fall. She suffered a concussion, fractured her arm, and fractured her toes as a result of the fall. The elderly woman was transported to a local hospital for her injuries. The dog owner’s insurance provider paid the insurance policy limits to settle the lawsuit.

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Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance Considerations When Buying or Adopting a Dog

When buying a new home or switching insurance providers, it is important to review the details of the insurance policy for the home. Often, homeowners only pay attention to the yearly premium, amount of coverage for possible damage to the home and deductible amount. These are important considerations when purchasing an insurance policy, but ignoring exclusions may place a home owner at a great deal of liability risk. If you own a dog, you should pay close attention to any exclusions for coverage relating to dog bites. Otherwise, you might have a lawsuit filed against you with no insurance coverage if your dog injures someone.

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Police Officer

O’Hara Law Firm Represents Police Officer Bit by Dog

The O’Hara Law Firm represents a police officer that was bit while on duty in Katy, Texas. The officer was checking on a parolee that was living with a relative. After the officer knocked on the front door, a German Shepherd escaped when someone answered the door. The dog bit the officer on her arms and chest before it was finally restrained by the owner. The police officer’s wounds required stitches and surgery. The police officer has permanent scars from the attack.

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